Adam Burrows

They Are Who We Thought They Were

As a long-suffering Chicago Bears fan, one of my favorite sports quotes is from 2006 when Arizona Cardinals coach Dennis Green declared about the Bears: “They are who we thought they were!” in a famous post-game outburst. What Green meant was that the Bears’ inept...

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A Transition in Colorado Tech

Last week, Foundry Group announced that their 2022 fund would be their last. This marks a major transition in Colorado tech. While Foundry has evolved to a more nationally-focused firm over the past number of years, they deserve a tremendous amount of credit for...

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You Have to Be Clear

“It has to be a simple solution…It comes down to a human being issuing a purchase order for something that he or she understands to which I have to convince their managers and their peers to go buy.” This is what Doug Leone, former CEO of Sequoia, said on a recent...

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Founders: Think Like an Investor, Focus on Your Future

I've had a lot of conversations with founders about what to expect for valuations and why despite a lot of company progress, that they are still going to face headwinds. I found it helpful to explain to founders how investors think in the simplest terms Hopefully...

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How We Invest (and Why We Haven’t Done a Web3 Deal)

This week has been a fascinating one with the blowup of crypto-exchange FTX and the related fallout. Unlike Theranos, many well-known Silicon Valley funds were investors in FTX and will lose serious money, which seems to be causing a lot of folks to dunk on venture in...

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