You Have to Be Clear

“It has to be a simple solution…It comes down to a human being issuing a purchase order for something that he or she understands to which I have to convince their managers and their peers to go buy.” This is what Doug Leone, former CEO of Sequoia, said on a recent...

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How We Invest (and Why We Haven’t Done a Web3 Deal)

This week has been a fascinating one with the blowup of crypto-exchange FTX and the related fallout. Unlike Theranos, many well-known Silicon Valley funds were investors in FTX and will lose serious money, which seems to be causing a lot of folks to dunk on venture in...

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Control Your Narrative & Manage Your Fundraising Funnel

This week we were doing diligence on a really promising seed-stage company. We had a great initial meeting with the founders and as part of our follow-up diligence asked for a financial model (historical and forward-looking) as well as trend data for the KPIs they...

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Don’t Give Investors an Easy Reason to Pass

Being an early-stage investor requires an interesting duality of mindset. We need to be imaginative enough to suspend disbelief and go all-in with a founder on a crazy vision of the future while simultaneously using our well-tuned antennae to detect BS and other land...

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Storytelling is the Key to a Great Fundraising Deck

Building a compelling fundraising deck is one of the most deceptively difficult things to do. It’s still the case in 2021 that a founder can really stand out from the noise with a really good deck, as the vast majority of those that we see as investors leave a lot to...

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