Fail (And Survive)

By this point in the cycle, every founder has heard the message that cash-efficient growth is the most important thing to be focused on (as it always should have been). As a starting point, most founders have either frozen hiring or have executed RIFs to right size...

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Proactively Have Your Crucible Moment

Not every business is going to work. In fact, MOST businesses fail. The market isn’t there, the pain point isn’t that acute, or the economics just don’t pencil out. That’s reality. It used to happen every day. However, for the past few years, we haven’t been living in...

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Be Wary of Advice
without Context

Great founders do many things well, and one of the things recently I’ve observed founders doing especially well is soliciting outside advice from other founders, investors, and advisors.  Especially in times of uncertainty, I find that gathering these additional...

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The World Isn’t Ending, But Your Job Just Got a Lot Harder

Your number job as a CEO of a start-up is simple. Never run out of money. Your already hard job just got harder. Uncertainty is high, but I can tell you with confidence that we are in a reset period (how long it is going to last, how much slower capital will be...

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Hire for the Now

At Range Ventures we love it that founders dream big, think about the future and building billion-dollar+ companies. Having that mindset is 100% necessary - you aren’t going to build a billion-dollar company if you aren’t trying to build a billion-dollar company....

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There’s a Best Intro in Your Network

There is A BEST intro in your network to potential investors - focus on degrees of trust, not just separation. Last week, I worked with one of the Range portfolio CEOs to get ready for their Series-A fundraise. As part of the prep, we built a list of Series-A...

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