Start and End with Your Customer

Prior to joining Range Ventures as an investor, I worked as an GTM operator across various startups, fractional COO/CXO, and as an advisor to scaling businesses- all giving me exposure to businesses at the point of inception through massive scale. While in these roles...

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A Transition in Colorado Tech

Last week, Foundry Group announced that their 2022 fund would be their last. This marks a major transition in Colorado tech. While Foundry has evolved to a more nationally-focused firm over the past number of years, they deserve a tremendous amount of credit for...

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Proactively Have Your Crucible Moment

Not every business is going to work. In fact, MOST businesses fail. The market isn’t there, the pain point isn’t that acute, or the economics just don’t pencil out. That’s reality. It used to happen every day. However, for the past few years, we haven’t been living in...

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Nobody Knows

Yesterday, a founder of a company we know received a note from a VC passing on their round with the explanation that “things are going to be really rough in your space for the next 24-36 months.” Another well-known investor recently posted on LinkedIn to broad aplomb...

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The World Isn’t Ending, But Your Job Just Got a Lot Harder

Your number job as a CEO of a start-up is simple. Never run out of money. Your already hard job just got harder. Uncertainty is high, but I can tell you with confidence that we are in a reset period (how long it is going to last, how much slower capital will be...

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Build Trust and Enlist Support by Communicating Bad News Early

Build trust and enlist support by communicating bad news early Founders by nature are optimistic - otherwise they’d never start and believe in the crazy journey that is required to build a company from scratch. And sometimes that pure optimism is the only thing that...

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