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The World Isn’t Ending, But Your Job Just Got a Lot Harder
Your number job as a CEO of a start-up is simple. Never run out of money. Your already hard job just got harder. Uncertainty is high, but I can tell you with confidence that we are in a reset period (how long it is going to last, how much slower capital will be deployed, and how far valuations are g
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Build Trust and Enlist Support by Communicating Bad News Early
Build trust and enlist support by communicating bad news early Founders by nature are optimistic - otherwise they’d never start and believe in the crazy journey that is required to build a company from scratch. And sometimes that pure optimism is the only thing that can get them through hard ti
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Know What Great Hiring Looks Like
At Range, one of our team’s biggest areas of focus is helping our founders build A+ teams. While hiring great talent is always important, it has a vastly outsized impact at the early-stage; whether employee number 10 is a superstar or a bust could be the difference between raising a great Series A
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Joining an Early Stage Startup is the Best Career Decision You Can Make Right Now
I’ve had the opportunity to talk with thousands of people about what they want in their next role and it generally boils down to three things: The right problem (aka purpose)–people focus on working for a company where they understand, support, and even champion the business’ reason for e
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Control Your Narrative & Manage Your Fundraising Funnel
This week we were doing diligence on a really promising seed-stage company. We had a great initial meeting with the founders and as part of our follow-up diligence asked for a financial model (historical and forward-looking) as well as trend data for the KPIs they focus on. The founder responded
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Hire for the Now
At Range Ventures we love it that founders dream big, think about the future and building billion-dollar+ companies. Having that mindset is 100% necessary - you aren’t going to build a billion-dollar company if you aren’t trying to build a billion-dollar company. However, one area where I fi
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Hard Conversations Done Better
I had three separate interactions with Range Ventures portfolio company CEOs last week that reminded me how important it is for CEOs to be great at managing (and winning when needed) hard conversations. Founders at the simplest level need to be able to do three things to scale their company.
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Don’t Give Investors an Easy Reason to Pass
Being an early-stage investor requires an interesting duality of mindset. We need to be imaginative enough to suspend disbelief and go all-in with a founder on a crazy vision of the future while simultaneously using our well-tuned antennae to detect BS and other land mines that could derail that vis
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Joining an Early Stage Startup in 2022? 5 Tips to Get Off to a Great Start.
New year, new you, right?! After putting off meetings, projects and interviews “until January” for the last six weeks of Q4, Q1 is a great time for big career transitions. Layer that yearly cycle on top of the “great resignation,” “great reshuffle,” “great reflection,” or whatever we
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Storytelling is the Key to a Great Fundraising Deck

Building a compelling fundraising deck is one of the most deceptively difficult things to do. It’s still the case in 2021 that a founder can really stand out from the noise with a really good deck, as the vast majority of those that we see as investors leave a lot to be desired. I can point to dec
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There’s a Best Intro in Your Network
There is A BEST intro in your network to potential investors - focus on degrees of trust, not just separation. Last week, I worked with one of the Range portfolio CEOs to get ready for their Series-A fundraise. As part of the prep, we built a list of Series-A investors to speak with based on firm
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Annual planning: A Multi-Directional Approach
In the context of a post-Series A stage company, annual planning is hard and time-consuming. Even more so at the early stage when volatility is high and often the data needed to make forecasts is not robust enough or non-existent. I also often see that first-time founders and exec teams get stuck
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