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Joining an early stage startup in 2022? 5 tips to get off to a great start.

New year, new you, right?! After putting off meetings, projects and interviews “until January” for the last six weeks of Q4, Q1 is a great time for big career transitions. Layer that yearly cycle on top of the “great

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Storytelling is the key to a great fundraising deck
Building a compelling fundraising deck is one of the most deceptively difficult things to do. It’s still the case in 2021 that a founder can really stand out from the noise with a really good deck, as the vast majority of those that we see as investors leave a lot to
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There’s a best intro in your network
There is A BEST intro in your network to potential investors - focus on degrees of trust, not just separation. Last week, I worked with one of the Range portfolio CEOs to get ready for their Series-A fundraise. As part of the prep
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Annual planning: a multi-directional approach
In the context of a post-Series A stage company, annual planning is hard and time-consuming. Even more so at the early stage when volatility is high and often the data needed to make forecasts is not robust enough or non-existent. Read More