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Partnering with Ambitious Founders to Build Category Winners

Range is a Denver-based partnership of former founders, operators, and builders at heart.

We’ve been in the trenches from day 1 through IPO, and we understand the demanding and complex journey that is entrepreneurship. We’ve built our fund to provide the resources to help you move quickly and succeed – all while making the journey a bit easier.

If you’re an early-stage founder with massive ambitions and want a true partner for the hard journey ahead, let’s chat.


We’ve been there

As former operators, founders, and team builders, we know what you’re doing is hard and we have empathy for the journey you’re on. We bring our unparalleled experience and network to the table to help you go big – and win.

Chris Erickson

3x Founder


Chris Erickson is deeply passionate about building great products and leveraging technology to improve people’s lives. Over the past decade he has founded three successful tech companies, the largest being Apartment List. As co-founder and COO, he raised $110M and while leading product, engineering, analytics, and growth marketing grew the company to become the leading rental marketplace in the US. Chris honed his strategy and operations skills working for The Boston Consulting Group. He earned an MBA from The Stanford Graduate School of Business and a degree in computer engineering from Northwestern University. In 2019, Chris moved to Denver from the Bay Area and is committed to accelerating Denver into one of the top tech markets in the world.

Adam Burrows

2x Unicorn Builder


Over the last decade, Adam Burrows has been instrumental in building several of the most successful tech companies in Denver and is dedicated to partnering with the most ambitious founders in Colorado to create the next generation of big winners. As senior vice president and general manager at HomeAdvisor, Adam was part of the executive team that grew the company from $100M to over $1B in revenue, taking the company public in 2017 in Colorado’s largest tech IPO. As the first C-level executive at Guild Education, he helped the company raise its Series C and sign their largest clients towards a $1B+ valuation. Additionally, Adam has served as an advisor to the founders of two other successful Denver exits, Artifact Uprising and FareHarbor. Adam started his career in business strategy at The Boston Consulting Group and is a graduate of Harvard Law School and the University of Michigan.

Kendra haberkorn

Head of Talent


Kendra brings expertise in recruiting, talent management, leadership development and human resources to help companies hire and retain exceptional people through every stage of growth and transformation.

Building upon her experience leading talent initiatives and teams at McKinsey & Company, as a member of the executive team at Craftsy (acquired by NBCUniversal) and Guild Education, and as an advisor to diverse startups, Kendra is passionate about partnering with founders and teams to design and improve every facet of their talent strategy. With hands-on experience creating the programs that influence employees day-to-day experiences, as well as the processes that improve business outcomes, Kendra believes an intentional approach from the earliest days is a key driver of long-term success.

In her role at Range, Kendra will advise portfolio companies on talent strategy and people operations while building a network that will connect Colorado`s leading early stage companies with the people who will accelerate their trajectory.

OUR Portfolio

Investing in Bold Founders in Colorado and Beyond

Helping companies create engaging journeys to predict & prevent reneges.

Reimagining and actively modernizing the world’s recycling infrastructure.

Drag & drop to add text chat
& video calling to your website & apps.

Unite all the work, projects, and progress happening across an organization. 

Makes any physical space
beautiful and shoppable.

Headless contextual privacy and security micro-training platform.

Eliminate manual EMR data by modernizing patient communication.

Everything you need to start,
run and grow a business.

Where great parts are sold at reasonable prices between gamers (not scalpers).

Guaranteed rent for 2 years.
Maximize your rental income.

Ship faster for less with an
entire network of carriers.

Business-ready data from
ANY source, no coding required.

Network-driven leasing platform
offering owner solutions.

Easy, personalized estate plans for a
new generation.

Fast casual content.
Pro photos and videos in 24 hours.

Cloud enabled collaborative
video post production.

Returns for the better.
The future of sustainable e-commerce.

Personalize your pitch saving hiring managers & recruiters time.

Be, chat, create, meme, watch, thrive,
and vibe With friends.

Communicate and follow-up with infinite leads at once using AI agent.